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1. I think world's problems are getting worse nowadays. 2. His son is a very obedient child, but he is absolutely naughty these days. 3. My mum is going to bake a cake. She is weighing the ingredients at the moment. 4. Can you keep the noise down? I am listening to the afternoon play. 5. You always watch television. You should do something more active. 6. Listen! Do you hear anything? 7. The dinner smells good. 8. What are you doing? - Be quiet! I am thinking. 9. George says he's 80 years old but nobody believes him. 10. Who is that man? Why is he looking at us? 11. Are you hungry? Do you want to eat? 12. I do not recognize anybody in this photo. 13. Do you see that man over there? He is my
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